Stone, Paper Game

The “Stone, Paper Game” is a kind of “Janken” which we use only the stone and paper shapes. We do this game when you make teams.

Stone, Paper Game-c01

Japanese page : Stone, Paper Game

How to play and the rules

The “Stone” is to bend all your fingers and make a stone shape.

The “Paper” is to spread all your fingers and make a paper shape.

Stone, Paper Game-c02

Everybody call “Stone, paper, go!” and make one of the stone or paper shapes.

Stone, Paper Game-c03

When the number of children in each team is equal, gather by the team and start a game.

When the number of children is not equal, repeat the “Stone, Paper Game” until it gets equal.

Stone, Paper Game-c04


There is a rule that when someone made a mistake and made “Scissors” shape, we think that scissors are the sprout and grows to a shape of the “paper”. So he can join the “Paper” team.

When there are so many children, you can do the “Stone, Paper Game” in pairs and make two teams.

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